Top 10 Guitarists of All Time

This is a common argument among rock fans, and it keeps on changing. It goes like, “Who are the best guitarists of all times?” Honestly, there are no hard and fast rules in determining the greatest guitarists of all time. For some people, jazz guitarists are the best, but soft and classical guitarists are the best guitarists for others. Some crazy rock fans also prefer rock Guitarists and Best Blues Guitarists.

It is actually quite hard to pick the top 10 famous guitarists of all time. But we have come up with 10 names that are the best in this field, and there is no margin of doubt in this. So, let’s find out who is included in this list and see if your favorite guitarist has got a place on our list or not. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Brent Mason:


Brent Mason is an amazing guitarist and has played on more than 1000 albums. He has worked with almost all the famous country stars. “Guitarist of the year” and “Musician of the year” are the awards he won. You name a top song, and Mason would be a part of it. His acrylic nails are quite famous. Mason is known as a famous guitarist, songwriter and owns his signature guitar models.

Brent Mason

2. Stevie Ray Vaughan:


Stevie Ray Vaughan- a famous name in blues music. He is known to be the revivor of blues-rock. This list of top 10 would be incomplete without his name. He considers Lonnie Mack his teacher. It is often said that there is some magic in his guitar that no one has ever sounded like him. Rock, jazz, and blues are perfectly blended in his style. Using a custom set of extra heavy guitar strings tuned half a step down is an amazing fact about him.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

3. David Gilmour:


He has played guitar for Pink Floyd. David Gilmour has won all the awards from the best guitarist to the best musician, etc. He can play many other instruments too. No matter how hard one can try, his style, sound, and choice of notes are impossible to replicate. His hand is so trained that all the chords that he chose are always perfect. David Gilmour is the master of the lyrical guitar without any doubt.

David Gilmour

4. Eddie Van Halen:


It is impossible to make a list of top 10s without Eddie Van Halen in it. He takes the first space in every list. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page are regarded as mentors by him. Eddie Van Halen has even played backing tracks for the legendary Michael Jackson. He’s that amazing. Tapping is one of his popularly known tactics. One of his solos is considered the greatest by a lot of people. His technique is unmatchable.

Eddie Van Halen

5. Jimi Hendrix:


Jimi Hendrix created his own history in the world of guitarists. He remained in the mainstream for just 4 years, but this short span before his passing was enough for him to change the guitar world. He brought whammy bar and effects in this world. Wah-wah and fuzz distortion never existed before Jimi Hendrix. Not only this, but he also invented a lot of other things. He was the master of soloing cords’ inside, indeed.

Jimi Hendrix

6. Derek Trucks:


Derek Trucks is known for The Dereck Trucks Band. His style is a perfect blend and mixture of jazz, Southern rock, and even Qawwali. He plays guitar in open E tuning. One of the reasons for his success is a distinction. His style is different from others as he explored the things that no one has ever explored. He is on the verge of becoming the new Guitar God soon.

Derek Trucks

7. Steve Vai:


Steve Vai is known to be the king of the whammy bar. Most of the rock fans out there consider him the best, and there is nothing wrong with it. He is also the co-designer of JEM guitar that changed the overall look and design of guitars. G3 concerts have him too. Two-handed tapping, alternate picking, circular vibrato, whammy bar, and legato are some of his famous techniques, and that’s what he is known for.

Steve Vai

8. Tommy Emmanuel:


If you are interested in knowing the best guitarist for fingerstyle solo, Tommy Emmanuel is that legendary figure. He started at the age of 4, and the rest is history. Jazz, Folk, and several other genres are his favorite, but fingerpicking makes him one of his kind. Tommy Emmanuel uses all types of tunings and makes his sound unique and soothing.

Tommy Emmanuel

9. Pat Metheny:


Pat Metheny is a world-class musician and guitarist with incredible knowledge. His theories on music and their application are commendable. His distinct voicings and phrasings are loved by all, especially using MIDI guitar to make the sounds of other instruments great. He is one of the greatest musicians of all time, and there is no doubt about this.

Pat Metheny

10. Guthrie Govan:


Guthrie Genre is as famous as other guitarists in this list. But the thing that makes him stand out among others is his technical ability and utilization of this ability in almost all the genres, which is unbelievable. He gives guitar classes all around the world and loves his work. He has an amazing mind that allows him to visualize the whole song before playing it or writing it down.

Guthrie Govan

Some Common FAQ’s Realted to Guitarists:

Three guitarists are a member of Roadhead named Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien, and Jonny Greenwood.

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Guitarists wear sweatbands (wristbands) to keep their hands dry and save the guitar from sweat damage.

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